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In my opinion, creativity is simply an initiated idea. Here is my stash of ideas that happened; Projects I am proud to put my name on!


My main areas of work are within the Adobe Creative Suite, but I most definitely don't allow that to be my limit.


If you are interested in working with me, head over to my contact page to holler at me. 




If creativity is an idea that is happening this is a great case study. My Tiny Home is currently in the maturing idea phase. Here is what I am working on:


  1. Paying off debt.

  2. Making design decisions.

  3. Finding a home for my home.


And, no, the picture above is not my tiny home... its an outhouse on the Navajo reservation. But, congrats for reading the description though! TEEHEE!!    It is in the i



I hope I make it abundantly clear to you who I am and what I love. Well if I haven't yet, go read up on my blog, I feel pretty lame and "ENFP" saying it, but, it is a work in progress!


As far as vision goes, I think there is a good amount of content to be created.  The first article on my blog will make it clear to you "Who I Am". I will be adding new content soon... I actually have that stuff planned! How dangerously "J" of me.




I literally posted these logos here because I wanted you to take a second take at them, & this copy and say to yourself... wait... How the HECK did Paul work with Coca-cola HAHA!! I haven't... I have worked for much cooler people like @Retirement Realized, @Rise Clothing, @Christ For the Nations, P