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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

My Jimmy Stewart Impression [video below]

I LOVE the Stewart! But more importantly, Anthony Woodlin loves Jimmy Stewart... So I figured, if I was going to wish him a happy birthday, I needed to do it Jimmy Stewart style. Basically, I stated that: every time an old person gets a year older, a baby sea turtle makes its way into the ocean! We should all be very proud of Mr. Anthony Woodlin because he's saved so many sea turtles! Thanks, Anthony, and we all hope you have a vurry, VURRY MERRY birthday, and a happy new year... at least for you, you see, because you're a year older now.

I am thinking about making this a little more of a habit... I am going to make a series of doing a little more acting.

Well, till next time.

Paul D. Zinn, Jr.

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