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Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Something I love more than anything in this world is to cook with other people! I think it ties into my hunger (no pun intended) for collaboration in creativity. I love people & creativity!

My name is Paul D. Zinn, Jr. And, yes, I always write it like that.

The best way for me to tell you who I am is to tell you the four things that I love


Here is why I love these:

Wanna see a picture of me without a beard!?!? Here it is! I also didn't have my lovely glasses back then either. Oh they were something!


I like my name alot! I don't think my parents really thought through the meaning of my name like some parents do. But, that doesn't change the fact that my name has a really cool meaning! My first name "Paul" really illustrates well the chief passion of my life, My first name means "dependent on Christ!" I like that! My relationship with Jesus Christ has made me who I am! I love Him! He has loved me. He has been faithful to me and that is what makes me who I am. I am not perfect but, I'm His! In that knowledge, it is my first and foremost purpose on this earth to reflect God's nature here. Dude! Want to read a really baller chapter of the bible about how amazing of a father God is? Do yourself a favor and go read Psalms 18!


I wish I got to see these guys more often! These are some of my little brother in Jesus! They are going to be mighty men of God I am sure! Proud of them!

YES! I LOVE HUMANS! And I especially love small humans, you know, the ones that have their WHOLE future in front of them? Yep! Their my favorite! If you want to invest in something that will have one of the highest returns, invest in children! Now, People, Yes. *clears throat*

I fully subscribe to the same ideology that Walt Disney did. If you look at his organization from the top down, you will realize that money, is not what they value. Nope! They value their customers! And more to the point, they value humans! Their second value is the stories of those people. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain their rights to stories. Look at the Princesses. are they all from one master human race? NO! they are from all cultures... Now, go and google the types of guests that attend disney parks... That's right, they have, by valuing stories, captured entire CULTURES of people from all around the world. That is why it is no great surprise to me when they ponied up the money to buy the names of "Star Wars" & "Marvel" Two stories that have captured the attention of much of our world!

Just a little bone I can throw to the personality test addicts like me, If you've ever taken the Myers-Briggs test you might have already guessed it by now that I am an ENFP, Well, I kind of teeter between that and ENTP by a whole whopping 1%. Take the test yourself if you want to get to know yourself a little better ;).


The reason why I lean so closely to the ENTP world is because of my passion for truth, which is my third love. This brings me to my middle name, It is my personal belief that my middle name has a lot to do with my passion for truth.

Douglas, is probably my favorite of my four names as far as meaning goes. It is a gaelic name, and means, “from the bloody waters”. Pretty violent huh? But the reason why it means that is because it's a name that speaks of peace that was formed in conflict. the alternate meaning for it is “ from the darkness to the light” and I think it really can be summed up by saying either “seeker of the light” or “peacemaker”.

I had the privilege of accompanying some of these amazing women of God in Colombia in 2017. Here is a photo of us working together to help build a chicken pen at BRAZOS ABIERTOS close to Medellin.

That is why I believe my middle name really sums up the third passion of my Life. My passion for truth! There's so many different levels to why I love truth! I love to learn things, I love pragmatism, I love how truth brings about peace! I love how truth is so powerful but yet it needs not exert any effort in order to overpower a lie.

You know what truth manifested in engineering is? Pragmatism! And it is because of this passion for truth that I believe in the importance of pragmatism before beauty. Of course this is without allowing pragmatism to be the only thing. Sometimes the pendulum needs to swing towards art over function. But, I love it, and far more prefer it, when the marriage of form and function is found! I think a device that screams "USE ME" just by the thoughtfulness that was invested in its design is the most attractive sound I know in the world of art and engineering!


My fourth love is creativity! Now creativity is not just about art! NO! From where I stand creativity can be boiled down to this: Creativity is and idea being manifested by initiative. You see an idea can sit in your head for decades (or even a flash of mere milliseconds),

But, it's my personal opinion that if you take the initiative to capture that thought and actually put work into it, it can transcend into creativity! There for creativity takes so many more forms than just art. It's the process of manifesting an idea. I love creativity!

Well that's a vignette on my passions!

SEND ME A MESSAGE! Let me know what makes you tick! and let me know what personality you are when you take the myers briggs test!


Paul D. Zinn, Jr.

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